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NHL Playoff Pool

Discussion in 'Poker, Race & Sportsbook' started by cjohnson202, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. cjohnson202

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    Feb 6, 2016
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    Hey Guys!

    I never even thought of posting this here until now, so sorry for the late notice. The last few years I've run a playoff hockey pool and I'm doing it again this year. Usually gets between 20-30 people, not sure where the final number will land this year. Let me know if you have any questions, hopefully I'm not breaking a rule by posting this.

    2015-2016 NHL Playoff Pool

    Entry Fee: $20 Canadian

    Deadline: Picks must be emailed to
    cjohnson202@hotmail.com by the start of the first playoff game. (Wednesday, April 13 at 7pm)

    Payment required by end of first round. E-transfers / Paypal should be sent to cjohnson202@hotmail.com

    Rules: Each person will select 18 Forwards and 6 Defenseman. Each person will also pick 5 teams and order them from 1 to 5. Points will go as follows:

    Team 1 = 5 Points per win
    Team 2 = 4 Points per win
    Team 3 = 3 points per win
    Team 4 = 2 points per win
    Team 5 = 1 point per win

    Player scoring is simple. Goals and Assists are counted equally. 1 point = 1 point.

    Points and Standings will be able to viewed online and will be ready by no later than after game 2 of the first series.

    Payouts: 1st place – 70% of pools funds
    2nd place – 20% of pools funds
    3rd place – 10% of pools funds

    **Note: Cost to run pool at
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    will be $20 or $30 depending on how many people join. That will be deducted off the top. Everything else will go into the payout pot**
  2. TheCanoe

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    Mar 31, 2016
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    well, shit. wish I saw this sooner

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