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Casino 580 - Local gambling notes 2016

Discussion in 'There's More To Life Than Vegas?' started by Claire, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. Claire

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    Feb 5, 2016
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    Inspired by BS and Pay Triple for their regular tracking on local casino bets and sports bets, starting this thread to track my progess on my local here.

    Living in Easy Bay, really not so many good local casino options..The one I frequent visit is Casino 580 which is close to Livermore Preminum Outlet Mall. This local card room is very small but always packed! (parking is a nightmare). There have total 10 tables and 80% are Asian players. (of course most are playing Bacarrat )

    Hit ATM for $500 and stop by Casino 580 on my way home arround 5pm. Started playing Three Card Poker at $15 Pair Plus, $15 Ante and $5 six card bonus..won first hand and feeling lucky. Pressed the bets to $25 and played two hands next to each other. The rule is you can only play one hand and all other hands must be blind. I was quickly down $200 and one hand got beat pair 10s by dealers pair QQ. Next hand up..4,5,6 unsuited straight..Yeah..$150 payout on bonus and possible straight on 6 card bonus play..Sure enough dealer flop a Q, 3, 7 and 10:1 on the $5 bet. The other hand hit a 2s pair as well so nice $70 profit as well. Played one more hand and won with a pair.


    Brought existing BR and stop by arround 8pm. Hit and run stratwgy and played with 2 hands and $25 acrossed the board and $5 on six card bonus. Dealer was pretty hot and kept hitting bigger pairs, flushes...Quickly down $250 and start reducing bet to 1 hand! WHAT A MISTAKE! The next hand you know the spot I was playing hit back to back straight! Could be a nice $400 swing..Very frustrating and left for the night..

    - $300

    Still cannot believe I missed out back to back straight right after I pulled out one hand last night, so decided to give another try. Same exact strategy and played with 2 hands. Amazing thing happened at very first hand...both hands had three spades and scored flushes! Boom..$190 profit to start with..played 2 more hands and at cashed out +$185..I decided to watch a next few hands to see how luck is trending. Ugghh..the two spots I played both had a pair (pair 10s and 2s)..that could be a nice $150 profit with chances to hit trips and full house. Next thing you know..dealer flopped a pair of ladies and the table went nuts. That would be a bad beat and $100 down swing.. so luckily I pulled out right on time this time arround. Also interestingly, there was a black dude trying to get into the game last second and dealer asked him to wait until next hand..sure enough the spot flop a 555..(would be 30:1).. the black guy was so MAD and started yelling at the dealer and aruging with the pit-boss..finally security came and got him out of the floor!


    2016 results: +$150-$300+$185=$35
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  2. Krh2o

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    Feb 6, 2016
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    Bay Area, CA
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    you went three days in a row there? Dam that's impressive. I drive by that place every day. Never stopped in.

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